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There is no need to install uni-buddy - the system is provided as a cloud based service. Try out the demo version. To get your own instance please send an email to

System Roles

There are multiple different user roles. Two base roles which can not be changed: Student and Buddy. Those roles are assigned during registration. If the form for buddy registration is used, user gets role Buddy. If the form for Student registration is used, user gets role Student.


This role is assigned to International Student after registration.


  1. Create Buddy/Pickup Request.
  2. Remove Buddy/Pickup Request only if the buddy/pickup request is not accepted yet.
  3. Edit personal details.
  4. See personal details of buddy.
  5. Browse available events for registration.
  6. Browse attended events.
  7. If set by admin, student dashboard provides feed from Facebook Page



  1. Browse all buddy requests, but do not see details like name or email.
  2. Accept buddy request up to maximum limit, if the limit is set.

After accepting buddy request, it can be removed only by Buddy Coordinator role.

Event Manager


  1. Create new event.
  2. Edit event.
  3. Delete event.
  4. Register students to event.
  5. Remove registered students from event.

Buddy Coordinator


  1. Accept buddy application.
  2. Deactivate Buddy.
  3. Remove Buddy.
  4. List all registered buddies.
  5. List all registered students.
  6. List Students taken by buddy.
  7. Remove student from a buddy.
  8. Assign buddy to a student.
  9. Set maximum number of students, buddy can take.
  10. Edit student's ESN card.


Admin can:

  1. Change application settings .
  2. Add/Edit/Remove Faculties, Study Programmes, Arrival Locations, Dormitories the users register to.

Automatic Emails

System sends automatic no-reply emails in certain scenarios. Those scenarios are:

Buddy accept buddy request

After buddy accept buddy request, both buddy and student receive email with complete information about each other.

Buddy Activated

After buddy is activated by Buddy Coordinator, he receives information about the activation.

Forgotten Password

In case that user forgets password he can ask for email with unique link to set new password.

Pick-up request updated

When international student updates pick-up request, buddy receives information about the changes via email.

Periodic informative email

Every 12 hours (8 AM and 8 PM GMT+1) system sends information about students registered in past 12 hours, which created buddy request and they are still available to be chosen.